How Daimler And MAN Can Ward Off Dongfeng

Tue, 6 March 2012 - 14:37 | visits : 3434

The culture war is on in the truck market, writes the "". Automotive expert Nikolaus Lang explains in an interview why Daimler, MAN and Volvo are having to refocus on a new market segment in order to remain competitive with companies such as Dongfeng and Tata. Until now the one side offered expensive premium trucks and the other far cheaper a low-tech vehicles. However, the battlefield of the future is shaping up to be a new, middle-of-the-road market segment, analyzes Mr. Lang. By 2020 some 70 percent of all trucks sold in the BRIC markets will be in this new mid-market area, which is expected to develop into a multi-billion dollar market nobody should ignore. Moreover, Russia is expected to be perhaps the most attractive growth market of the future.